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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

UAAP Season 78 Cheerdance Competition Live Streaming Online

Where to watch the UAAP Season 78 Cheerdance Competition Live Streaming Online

UAAP Season 78 Cheerdance Competition October 3, 2pm MOA Arena.

Online. The UAAP Cheerdance Competition is an annual one-day event of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines for cheerleading. However, it does not count in the tabulation to determine the UAAP Overall Championship. The sequence of the performance are determined by drawing of lots prior the competition.

UAAP Season 78 is the 2015–2016 athletic year of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines(UAAP). It is scheduled to open on September 5, 2015, almost two months after the usual July opening of the league during previous seasons, due to the shift in the academic calendars of the member universities, including Ateneo, La Salle, UP and UST. It will be hosted by the University of the Philippines.

The eight-member universities of the UAAP will be competing in fifteen sports to vie for the general championship.

You can watch the Live Streaming at http://uaaplivestream.uaapsports.tv/

Philippines vs Chinese Taipei Replay- Jones Cup 2015

Watch the Philippines vs Chinese Taipei Replay- Jones Cup 2015. 

According to InterAksyon.com, The Philippine national men’s basketball team scored its first victory under new coach Tab Baldwin after turning back Chinese Taipei in the William Jones Cup.

And Gilas Pilipinas got a huge boost from two of the team’s newcomers: Terrence Romeo and Calvin Abueva.

Romeo wowed the crowd with his spectacular moves all game long. In one breathtaking play that perhaps was the most memorable, he blew past a phalanx of defenders with a killer crossover and before sinking a hangtime layup that sent the Filipino crowd to its feet.

Why I was so soaked into following Aldub Kalyeserye

Got to share this friends --------- My colleague asked in perplexity why I was so soaked into following Aldub. He seemed to be annoyed rather than confused. I shrugged my shoulders and answered him not according to his question but on the loathing he insinuated. I told him that Aldub is equally proportionate with any other Filipino teleserye we follow on TV. It has its elements exactly the same of a series. It’s foremost and it’s interesting because it’s first of its kind. I added that if he didn’t get why I am so hooked with the show, I also do not understand why he’s so addicted with clash of clans and yet I don’t mind; I don’t question him. In the midst of the tender and yet still fragile fame of this love team, all we see influx of unconstructive comments about “them”. It’s funny how people can rant so negatively about something they do not know. It’s funny how people choose to quarrel over something they don’t patronize and rage against those who just try to enjoy a beautiful show. If you do not understand the joy that this Kalyeserye brings to the Filipino people, then I think that it does not permit you to rub the wrong way the Aldub and their fans. Thus, it is senseless to spark up a debate on something you claim you do not mind of knowing at all. So, why spend much time for hate lines folks? That’s not what you are supposed to do.

It is hard to describe and unravel the ultimate reason why Aldub is so contagious and irresistible. To clarify a mystery would be a joke. Aldub was an accidental love team as we know. It came out all of a sudden and created immense ripples of talks among people in less than a month. And just like any other love team to be lovingly accepted by the fans, must have this qualification: a story to build chemistry. However, aldub had it backwards they first started with an un-explainable and powerful chemistry and that made the EB conceptualize their own love story. They have not yet met in person and it seemed to us they have known each other’s hearts for so long. It’s just a month ago that we’d seen Maine and Alden on juxtaposing screens yet they already show that they are comfortable and having much fun with each other. I think what makes Aldub stands among the common love teams we see on screen is that they are authentic unlike others who are manufactured to appear so much endearing to the audience. All of them act mainly for money. Aldub act to make us happy. What they do does not appear work but pleasure to them. We can see in their eyes that they enjoy with what they are doing. And then we feel the hidden language of connection that ties them together even if they are not near in each other’s presence. It’s magical. You may call us disillusioned but this is the message we receive each time we see Yaya giggles insanely and Alden smiles captivatingly. This is maybe one of the reasons why we are trapped into the Aldub world. It makes us believe into something so powerful and greater than anything else---love. It makes us believe that it is not impossible. 

This Kalyeserye is so clever. It has gradually crafted all its characters identity really well. We first thought of Lola Nidora as someone evil, the villain of the show however, her character issues as been resolved through her words of wisdom. Her different facet was revealed being indignant yet caring and soft on the other side. New characters like Tidora and Tinidora are so sickeningly insane. The Jowapao definitely took their program to a new level with their great talents. The main characters, Yaya Dub remains the damsel in distress who must be saved from doubts of Lola on Alden. Alden, whose story’s character and nature in real life both showcased in the story glean much admiration from fans because he is tactful, courteous, humble and courageous. On a daily live telecast of this show, we see a glimpse of things that are for real. (For example, from yaya dub to maine, yaya dub teary eyed during all for juan juan for all).

There are stories that bring us laughter but there are stories that restore our faith in humanity. There are programs that try hard to entertain that in exchange they have to offend others to make people appear ridiculous to many but there are stories that make us believe that we do not have to laugh at others vulnerability to be happy. There are shows that are fun but there are only few shows that can be beautiful…Aldub is described by the latter. Thus, the aldub fanatics are not shallow people they are smart viewers who value more what is beautiful rather than what could only be the "funny one"

Written by Guia Dioso Flordemarlin on Facebook.

Meanwhile, watch AlDub Kalyeserye Day 40. Alden: Muntik na nga ako malunod, eh... Malunod sa pagmamahal mo.Yaya DUB: Sasagipin ka ng pag-ibig ko!
#AlDub Day 40: Ang Katotohanan
Alden: Muntik na nga ako malunod, eh... Malunod sa pagmamahal mo.Yaya DUB: Sasagipin ka ng pag-ibig ko!;)#KiligPaMore #AlDub #KalyeSerye
Posted by Eat Bulaga on Monday, 31 August 2015

Monday, 31 August 2015

Madden NFL 2016 Gameplay buttons and new controls

Madden NFL 16 introduces new options for you to be the playmaker on the field, so we've gathered the major new commands and inputs here for you to check out.

In-game training

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a real Madden pro, the best way to learn the controls for Madden is to start with the basics in the Gatorade Skills Trainer or the Help, I'm new to Madden! modes. These will refresh your memory on returning features and introduce the new options in passing, defense, and more.

New features

Many of the gameplay options familiar to Madden players have new variants and options in Madden 16.

EA Sports updated last year's button guide to reflect the new mechanics and upgrades for you to check out.

  • Press: press the button or trigger to perform the action
  • Tap: press and release the button or trigger at a certain time to perform the action
  • Hold: press the button or trigger without releasing it for a certain period of time to perform the action
Read the manual

Madden NFL 16 has many different input combinations that vary according to the situation. For a full description of all controls in the game, check out the manual for your version of the game:

Philippines vs USA 2015 Jone Cup Live and Replay

Watch Gilas Pilipinas (Philippines) vs USA 2015 Jone Cup Live and Replay on September 5 at 5:00 P.M. PHL Time.

The Philippine national men’s basketball team hung tough for three quarters but ran out of steam in the fourth quarter against fierce Asian rivals South Korea, 82-70, to drop down to 1-1 in the 37th Williams Jones Cup on Monday in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Philippines vs Iran 2015 Jones Cup Live and Replay

Watch Gilas Pilipinas (Philippines) vs Iran 2015 Jones Cup Live and Replay on September 3 at 1:00 P.M. PHL Time.

During their first game against host Taiwan, Abueva kept the Filipinos afloat in the fourth period with his energy as Chinese Taipei kept on threatening. Gilas Pilipinas also lost big men Tautuaa and Asi Taulava in the dying seconds after fouling out.

But Romeo and Castro sank crucial baskets late in the game. With Chinese Taipei just down by three, Romeo fired a bailout triple at the shotclock buzzer to push Gilas Pilipinas’ lead, 71-65, with over a minute left.

Philippines vs Russia Jones Cup 2015 Live and Replay

Watch Gilas Pilipinas (Philippines) vs Russia Jones Cup 2015 Live and Replay on September 1 at 1:00 P.M. PHL Time.

Earlier, the Philippine national men’s basketball team blew a huge lead but managed to hang on to edge hosts Chinese Taipei, 77-69, to begin its campaign in the 37th William Jones Cup Sunday night at the Xinchuang Gymnasium in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

The Philippine national men’s basketball team pulled off a huge victory, handing erstwhile unbeaten Russian club Spartak Primorye its first loss of the 37th William Jones Cup, 85-71, on Tuesday at the Xinchuang Gymnasium in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

With the win, Gilas bounced back from its first setback – a loss to South Korea on Sunday – to improve to 2-1 for the tournament.

Meanwhile, here's Gilas Pilipinas first win over Taiwan.

Jones Cup 2015 Live Streaming and Schedule of Gilas Pilipinas Games

Watch Jones Cup 2015 Live Streaming and Schedule! The 2015 William Jones Cup is the ongoing 37th William Jones Cup, a top-level international basketballtournament of FIBA Asia. The tournament is being held in Taiwan from 29 August until 6 September 2015.
Schedule of Gilas Pilipinas in the 2015 William Jones Cup

  1. Sun, Aug 30, 7pm – Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei A
  2. Mon, Aug 31, 5pm – Philippines vs South Korea
  3. Tue, Sep 1, 1pm – Philippines vs Russia (Spartak-Primorye)
  4. Wed, Sep 2, 3pm – Philippines vs Japan
  5. Thu, Sep 3, 1pm – Philippines vs Iran
  6. Fri, Sep 4, 1pm – Philippines vs New Zealand (Wellington Saints)
  7. Sat, Sep 5, 5pm – Philippines vs USA
  8. Sun, Sep 6, 1pm – Philippines vs Chinese-Taipei B

Tournament Format: Single-Round Robin

Gilas Pilipinas 2015 Jones Cup TV Schedule

Live Streaming courtesy of TV5:

GILAS PILIPINAS VS SOUTH KOREA Jone Cup 2015 Live and Replay

Watch PHILIPPINES VS SOUTH KOREA Jone Cup 2015 Live Streaming ONLINE. After winning over the host team in Taiwan to open the William Jones Cup, the Philippines will take on traditional rival South Korea for its second assignment. Follow the updates below for the game set for tipoff at 5 p.m.

Meanwhile,  South Korea is currently 0-2 after losses against Iran and Russia while Gilas Pilipinas with a 1-0 record after winning against Chinese-Taipei A last night.

Gilas Pilipinas Player Roster vs South Korea
– Calvin Abueva
– Jimmy Alapag
– Jayson Castro
– Gary David
– JC Intal
– Ranidel de Ocampo
– Gabe Norwood
– Marc Pingris
– Aldrech Ramos
– Terrence Romeo
– Moala Tautuaa
– Asi Taulava

Elha Nympha named The Voice Kids Season 2 Grand Champion

Watch Elha Nympha named The Voice Kids Season 2 Grand Champion. Elha took the top spot with a whopping 42.16% of the votes. Reynan came in second, with 31.64% of the votes, Esang in 3rd place with 18.16% of the votes, and Sassa with 8.04% of the votes.

The Top 4, are all deserving the title though.

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